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Choosing the Perfect Not so Basic Basics - Tips from Personal Stylist Alli Robben 


Alli Robben is a personal stylist and founder of A Style Breeze. She helps her clients discover essential pieces they'll love and wear,  a.k.a the perfect capsule collection. 


Alli emphasizes that when searching for the perfect piece, whether it's a shirt, skirt, or a ring, look for pieces that are timeless and match your style, so you can wear them every day. 


Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint your personal style and find wardrobe pieces that fit your life.  That’s where a personal stylist like Alli and a brand like Access79 come in.  We're trained to use our art-meets-science sensibility to curate collections that are 100% you. 


Watch her video to see which Access79 pieces Alli picked and why.

Interested in learning more about your personal style? Take our style quiz. 

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