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Jewelry Layering 101: Ear Party, Stacks of Rings and Bracelets, and Layered Necklaces


Less is NOT more.  Sometimes, more is more!  Layering jewelry is having a moment with celebrities, stylists, and fashion influencers stacking their rings and bracelets and layering their necklaces and earrings like there's no tomorrow.   So it’s no wonder that a frequently asked question from our clients is “how do I wear more than a few pieces of jewelry!?”  

Stacking and layering your pieces is a fun and exciting way to spruce up your look daily!  That’s why nature gave us 10 fingers, right? To give way for the many rings we can style! Or maybe, we just want to wear a couple of necklaces at once. After all, the more, the merrier.

How to Layer Your Necklaces

Mix and Match Laces

Mixing your necklaces can add flair even to your most casual outfits. Go with thick metallic chain links with a dainty choker, and maybe throw on a subtle gold disc number.

Make Use of Your Pendants

Use pendant necklaces as your base, then layer varying lengths on top of it.  Have fun and play around with funky shapes, or group classic statement pieces together.

Keep it Simple

Even minimalists have a flair for layering necklaces. Layer your simple chains in varying thickness and lengths.  A snake chain layered with a longer lariat - both in yellow gold - will look phenomenal with a plain white top.

How to Stack Multiple Rings 

Mix Your Metallics

Get creative. Mix yellow gold with white gold, or brass with rose gold. These fine details make the whole look more interesting and can give your style more personality.

Cohesion is Key

Keep styles close together, but avoid throwing on just anything. Combine rings according to era and style. On different days, try edgy geometric rings, silver and stone pieces, and dainty pieces with diamonds. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other stones such as jade, turquoise, opal.

It’s All About Balance

If you’re thinking of going all out on rings, make sure you don’t clash with the rest of your accessories. Try to keep your arms bare, for example. And if you’re a true maximalist like Rachel Zoe, reserve the jewels for your ears. Styling accessories is all about excessorizing.

How to Stack Different Bracelets

Choose Colors Wisely

If you’re into hues, pick two tones to go together. A coordinated color scheme should also complement your outfit. With metals, try not to mix all of them at once. Go with silver and gold, or bronze and rose gold. Other days, you can go full-on brass.

Mix Bracelet Sizes

Pair a chunkier cuff with a set of thin, delicate bracelets. This way, the thicker bracelet can be complemented and balanced out. You can also mix metals with beaded bracelets or with the 90s trend comeback - the (chic-er) friendship bracelet.

How To Style An Ear Party 

One or two pairs just isn’t enough, especially if you have several piercings. These are just some of the combinations that will make you want to decorate and have your fun with your ear pieces:

The Starter Pack

If you’re new to this, try uncomplicated combinations such as statement earrings + studs and dangling earrings + ear huggers. Pieces such as chandelier danglers, diamond studs, and metallic cuffs are easy to find and style. Plus, they pair well with almost any outfit.

The Everyday Hoops

Invest in everyday 10mm or 12mm hoops you can throw on daily. Having different sizes can also be great for multiple piercings, and they’re great for the hoops + ear cuffs combination, even on a white t-shirt and jeans kind of day.

The Versatile Scene Stealer

Daring and unique combinations are best for both casual parties and grand events. Mismatched earrings + ear cuffs + studs are great for that LBD on a ladies’ night out. Meanwhile, the one-ear crawlers + ear cuffs + studs are great with a tailored pantsuit and evening dresses.